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    Xbox One Fail Games Won't Load

    Hello all,

    Turned on my Xbox One today. Went to play a game, and nothing will load. Here's a video for proof. What should I do?

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    I'd call 1-800 4my Xbox and talk to tech support. They will probley have u reset your system to factory settings then try to re download everything again. I'm not 100% but I believe u should be able to re download any content u bought. Before u go restoring your system to factory settings I'd call tech support see what they have to say then if all else fails then send your system back under the Microsoft warranty.

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    I'm having problems with my digital download games. COD Ghosts & Battlefield 4 is all I have at the moment. I have uninstalled and reinstalled more times than I can count, have also done the factory reset, cleared persistent drive, full power off and I still have issues. It's like rolling dice when downloading these games because it's random stuff that doesn't work.

    So let's start with my son's console. Launch day 11-22-13 I hooked it up and starting downloading cod ghosts via the xbox store on the console. Once it was done the game would not load, it just hung at the loading screen. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it constantly it finally started working Saturday night on his console but once he got to a certain point in the campaign it would fail to load giving a disk read error, "Disc Read Error 'cornered'". I'm guessing that is referring to a point in the campaign. Microsofts solution was to ship out a new console. Got the new console set it up started the download for cod ghosts. When it finished tried to play and it wouldn't load the game... Are these hard drives bad or what? Seems like my downloads keep getting corrupted. I'm sending back the replacement console because it's worse than what I had.

    On my console the download games didn't start working until Monday. I have ghosts and battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 kicks me back to the home screen 90% of the time when changing maps. That's pretty much the only issue I'm having for that game. Ghosts seems to be working fine on my console but I haven't really played the campaign enough to tell if it's fully working.

    To this day Microsoft does not have a solution. Their customer support is a joke and a waste of time. Should have got a ps4 I guess.

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    Having similar problems with DR3. Heard someone had a fix for this, but still, shouldn't be happening.

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