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    MS Deal with AT&T U-Verse?

    Anyone out there concerned that their cable provider won't be compatible with X-Box One? I have AT&T U-Verse and its failure to provider service to the 360 has left me apprehensive. Without the TV aspect of it, then the X1 will be just another gaming machine. If that's the case, then I'll have to get a PS4 who's PS Plus service provides newer games for cheaper discounts, than any of these old ass games Live is throwing at us.

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    i have time warner cable... i am waiting on the twc app for my 360... but im have faith xb1 will work.

    the cable feed is not going into the xb1.. you need a digital cable box and that connects via hdmi cable as a box top... i dont see it having an affect where you get your cable from as long as your cable box has an hdmi out your fine.



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